Our Values

Integrity – we operate openly and hold highest ethical standards to our stakeholders

Commitment – we are dedicated in our service to humanity with support from experienced workforce and support systems

Accountability – we are transparent to our stakeholders, donors, community and each other in both financial and programmatic senses.

Excellence – in all we do, we strive for the best as we work as a TEAM

Impact – we ensure to make a long lasting difference touching lives, making their potentials yield positive results within their community.

We are a Capacity building NGO who believes in building the skills and talents of women, youth and children from ages five (5) and above to achieve a beneficial and sustainable community of relevant skills.

FeF has the mandate to address the need of technical, financial and promotional support to focus group in the realization of their dreams.
In line with the Federal Government of Nigeria, we are set to create an enabling environment for change makers to excel in their dreams in the areas of value reorientation, wealth creation, job creation, employment generation and poverty reduction.

As an advocate of the SDGs, we also work in line with most of the global goals which offers a unique opportunity to put Africa on a more prosperous and sustainable development path. In many ways, it truly reflects what Fortempowerment was created for.”

Our strategy is to integrate the SDGs into our development plans and policies. We also support other local and international institutions who share similar vision with us in accelerating progress.

Using the four most important strategies to achieve this mission which includes: discovery, development, promotion and sustainability, we are set to reduce particularly in Nigeria poverty and the rate of urban migration
In FeF, we believe “No Talent Is a Waste”. We support the principle of equality and non- discrimination making sure those ethnic minorities, disabled persons and women do not suffer discrimination Achieving the mission of FeF cannot be achieved all by herself; rather it requires the partnership of governments, private sector, civil society and citizens alike to make sure we leave an enabling environment for future generations.


To create a beneficial and sustainable community of skills and talents in Africa.


To help not less than 6000 women, youth and children by the year 2028 in the path of discovery to sustainability of their skills and talents in Africa


Empowering skills and talents for better lives and communities